94% Answers Levels 36-70

94% Answers, Solutions and Cheats Levels 36-70 for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. 94 Percent is challenging. If you need help with a picture or sentence, then use our guide with solved puzzle levels. Some of the images and words can be tricky, so it’s nice to help each other solve the levels. The game app is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app store. 94 percent features hundreds of questions based on words, expressions and Pictures. The object of the game is simple: find 94% of the given answers. 94% is avaialble in English, French, Spanish, German and portuguese. The game is called 94-percent, 94-prozent, 94-pourcent, 94-porciento and 94-porcento depending on your language. We hope you will enjoy our answers of this fantastic quiz trivia puzzle game. Can you guess the question for 94%. Find the most common answers from a survey of 100 people. Collect all stars with this walkthrough. Hope you will enjoy 94% Answers Levels 36-70.
94 percent Answers and cheats

94% Answers Levels 36-70

94 Percent Levels 36-70: (currently available to all English versions)
The levels are random on each device, so it’s easier to search for a question on your current level. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

94% Answers Level 36:
• Something You Use Every Day?
Toilet, Car, Clothes, Water, Bed, Brush, Hair, Computer.
• Wind Instruments?
Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Oboe, Trombone, Tuba, Harmonica.
• Picture Keywords (Factory)?
Factory, Fire, Pollution, Industrial, Power, Plant, Oil.

94% Answers Level 37:
• something used for cooking:
Pan, Oven, Pot, Spoon, Spatula, stove, Knife, Bowl.
• jewelry:
necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Diamond, Watch.
• bulls and land rover picture:
Animals, Safari, Car, Africa, Bull, Herd.

94% Answers Level 38:
• you can’t buy it?
Love, Happiness, Health, Friendship, Family, Time.
• species of fish?
Salmon, Bass, Trout, Clown, Catfish, Tuna, Goldfish, Cod, Shark, Flounder.
• Picture Keywords (Kids with binoculars):
Safari, Binoculars, Children, Exploring, Africa, Bird, watching.

94% Answers Level 39:
• Poker?
Cards, Money, Gambling, Chips, Aces, Face, Game, Bluff, Table.
• it’s good for you, but you don’t like it?
Vegetables, Exercise, Water, Fruit, Medicine, Work.
• Picture Keywords (Beehive):
Honey, Bee, Hive, Honeycomb.

94% Answers Level 40:
• you eat with bread?
Butter, jam, Soup, Cheese, Peanut,-butter, Meat.
• something you do while on the phone?
Talk, Text, Games, Facebook, Walk, Eat, Music.
• Picture Keywords (Japanese house & lake):
Asia, Peace, Beautiful, Water, Temple.

94% Answers Level 41:
• San Francisco:
Golden Gate Bridge, California, 49ers, Hills, Bay, Alcatraz
• Girls’ names ending in A:
Anna, Amanda, Emma, Alyssa, Andrea, Maria, Jessica
• Picture Keywords (cart in supermarket):
Cart, Food, Shopping, Supermarket, Aisle

94% Answers Level 42:
• Things you wear around your neck:
Necklace, Scarf, Tie, Collar, Lanyard
• Couple:
Love, Two, Relationship, Together, Married, Kiss
• Picture Keywords (Wood log and axe):
Wood, Axe, Chop, Snow, Fire

94% Answers Level 43:
• Mouse:
Cheese, Cat, Small, Computer, Trap, Rat, Squeak, Tail
• A change of…: Clothes, Mind, Heart, Time, Pace, Scenery, Weather
• flour, egg and butter picture:
Egg, Butter, Flour, Baking, Rolling pin, Cookie cutter

94% Answers Level 44:
• It’s difficult to say:
Love, Sorry, Goodbye, Truth, Break up
• Baby:
Diaper, Cry, Cute, Bottle, Small, Love, Milk, Pacifier
• Picture Keywords (Donut):
Doughnuts, Sprinkles, Colors, Icing, Sweet

94% Answers Level 45:
• Reptiles:
Lizard, Snake, Crocodile, Turtle
• Something you never have enough time to do:
Sleep, Homework, Clean, Relax, Exercise, Eat, Read
• Picture Keywords (Moon):
Moon, Night, Dark, Crescent, Sky

94% Answers Level 46:
• Something found in a castle:
King, Princess, Knight, Throne, Crown, Dungeon, Sword, Armor, Chair.
• Star Wars:
Luke, Darth Vader, Yoda, Light saber, Space, Jedi, R2D2, The force, Skywalker
• Picture Keywords (Dolphin in pool):
Pool, Dolphin, Water, Float, Summer, Blue

94% Answers Level 47:
• Harry Potter:
Wizard, Magic, Wand, Scar, Hogwarts, Ron, Hermione, Glasses
• Pizza toppings:
Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Pineapple, sausage, Olives, Mushrooms, Tomato
• Sea underwater picture:
Coral, Fish, Ocean, Sun

94% Answers Level 48:
• A pair of…:
Shoes, Socks, Pants, Glasses, Gloves, Earrings, Eyes, Scissors
• Picture Keywords (Chocolate):
Yummy, Candy, Sweet, Cake, Milk, Brown, Dark, Easter
• People crossing street:
Busy, People, City, Road, Crossing, Car

94% Answers Level 49:
• Things associated with Egypt:
Pyramids, Sand, Mummies, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Sphinx, Nile
• Marine animals:
Fish, Dolphin, Whale, Seal, Turtle, Jellyfish
• Picture Keywords (Feet in a water picture):
Feet, Fish, Water, Pedicure, Skin, Spa, Toes

94% Answers Level 50:
• Parents:
Mom, Dad, Love, Strict, Children, Caring, Family
• Dog:
Bark, Fur, Pet, Cute, Cat, Tail, Puppy, Bone
• Picture Keywords (Toucan bird picture):
Toucan, Bird, Colorful, Tree, Beak, Tropical

94% Answers Level 51:
• Pig:
Pork, Mud, Pink, Oink, Tail, Farm
• Marriage:
Ring, Wedding, Love, Husband, Wife, Dress, Happy, Forever
• Picture Keywords:
Hammer, Nail, Hurt, Finger, Bandage

94% Answers Level 52:
• Sweets:
Candy, Chocolate, Cake, Ice cream, Cookies, Sugar
• Types of rodents:
Rat, Mouse, Hamster, Squirrel, Guinea pig
• Pink ice cream cone picture:
Strawberry, Ice cream, Cone, Pink, Yummy, Summer

94% Answers Level 53:
• PlayStation:
Games, Controller, Sony, Console
• Words that end with Z:
Buzz, Jazz, Fizz, Fuzz, Pizzazz, Quiz, Showbiz
• Picture Keywords:
Dice, Numbers, Game, White, Black

94% Answers Level 54:
• Skiing:
Snow, Cold, Skis, Mountain, Slope, Poles
• Types of dogs:
Labrador, Poodle, Pug, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Husky, Dalmatian, Pit bull
• Picture Keywords:
Wires, Electricity, Voltage, Electrician, Power, Plug

94% Answers Level 55:
• Something you often lose:
Phone, Keys, Wallet, Mind, Glasses, Remote, Socks, Time
• Objects that have buttons:
Shirt, Remote, Phone, Pants, Computer, Microwave, Elevator
• Picture Keywords:
Spray Paint, Car, Man, Mask, White, Suit

94% Answers Level 56:
• Imaginary Creatures:
Unicorn, Dragon, Monster, Fairy, Mermaid, Pegasus, Elf
• Jobs That Involve Travelling:
Pilot, Flight Attendant, Driver, Salesman, Army, Singer, Actor
• Picture Keywords:
Building, Team Work, Furniture, Thinking, Confused, Tools, Instructions, Wood

94% Answers Level 57:
• A Pot Of…:
Water, Tea, Soup, Gold, Pasta, Flowers
• Something You Celebrate:
New Year’s, Christmas, Graduation, Easter, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary
• Picture Keywords:
Squirrel, Nut, Fur, Snow, Winter

94% Answers Level 58:
• It’s Blue:
Sky, Water, Blueberry, Jeans, Whale, Smurf
• Slang For Money:
Cash, Dough, Moola, Bucks, Bills, Green, Paper, Benjamins
• Picture Keywords:
Cat, Food, Bucket, Mess

94% Answers Level 59:
• English Words Starting With Y:
Yellow, You, Yes, Yell, Yak, Yoyo, Young, Yesterday
• Cooking Terms Used In Recipes:
Cup, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Stir, Bake, Mix, Boil, Chop
• Picture Keywords:
Egypt, Pyramid, Sphinx, Ancient, Sand

94% Answers Level 60:
• Animals Without Claws:
Fish, Snake, Horse, Elephant, Cow, Frog, Whale, Dolphin
• A Bag Of:
Chips, Candy, Money, Clothes Groceries, Potatoes
• Picture Keywords:
Champagne, Party, Glass, Cheers, Friends

94% Answers Level 61:
• Shades of Blue:
Sky, Navy, Baby, Turquoise, Aqua, Royal, Teal
• Means of Communication:
Call, Text, Email, Talking, Letter, Sign Language
• Picture Keywords:
Building, House, Tree, Brick

94% Answers Level 62:
• Sports Played Without Ball:
Track, Swimming, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Boxing
• Something You Can Open:
Can, Door, Bottle, Box, Window, Mouth, Book, Fridge
• Picture Keywords:
Ice, Penguins, Cold, Water, Antarctica

94% Answers Level 63:
• Something That Foams:
Soap, Sea, Soda, Shaving Cream, Beer, Toothpaste
• The Circus:
Clown, Elephant, Lion, Acrobat, Tent, Tightrope, Trapeze
• Picture Keywords:
Beaver, Water, wood, Dam

94% Answers Level 64:
• Children Still Believe In It
Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Monsters, Fairy Tales, Magic
• There are a lot in France
Bread, Wines, Tourist, Cheeses, Snails, Croissants
• Picture Keywords:
Ring, Marriage, Diamonds, Wedding, Love

94% Answers Level 65:
• things found in a tube:
Toothpaste, Lotion, Water, Air, Glue, Lipstick, Candy
• A… table:
Dinner, Coffee, Round, Pool, Kitchen, End, Picnic
• Picture Keywords:
Luck, Horseshoe, Horse, Clover, Ireland

94% Answers Level 66:
– It rolls:
Ball, Wheel, Rock, Dice, Rolling pin, Marble
– Parts of a horse:
Tail, Mane, Hoof, Legs, Nose, Ears, Eyes, Teeth, Back
– Picture Keywords:
Sauna, Hot, Steam, Rocks, Spa

94% Answers Level 67:
– A ball of:
Yarn, Rubber bands, Hair, Fun, Cheese, Snow
– A personal flaw:
Mean, Rude, Arrogant, Selfish Annoying, Dishonest,Jealous, Lazy
– Picture Keywords:
Movie, Popcorn, Comedy, Cinema, Friends

94% Answers Level 68:
– A box of:
Chocolates, Toys, Shoes, Clothes, Cereal, Books, Tissues
– Fruit that doesn’t grow on trees:
Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelons, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Pineapples, Raspberries
– Picture Keywords:
Bike, Sunset, Woman, Leather

94% Answers Level 69:
– Fattering food:
Chips, Burger, Cake, Pizza, Chocolate, Candy, Ice cream
– Christmas:
Presents, Tree, Santa, Family, Jesus, Lights, Food, Reindeer
– Picture Keywords:
Microphone, Interview, Media, News

94% Answers Level 70:
Things at the fair:
– Rides, Games, Cotton Candy, Animals, Funnel Cakes, Prizes, Popcorn, Tickets
Excuse for being late:
– Slept in, Traffic, Car broke down, Missed the bus, Sick, Kids
Picture Keywords:
– Pilot, Plane, Controls, Cockpit

Hope you enjoyed our 94% Answers Levels 36-70.