Build Away! – Idle City Builder Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Build Away! – Idle City Builder Cheats, Tips & Tricks. Here we are going to give you some cheats, tips and tricks to hopefully boost your progress in the incremental game Build Away! – Idle City Builder that was created by Futureplay. This idle game is available for both iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game was recently featured on Apples AppStore as one of their “New Games We Love”. We certainly see why. This game is quite fun as well as some fairly fun mechanics.

This is not your usual “clicker”-game but more of an incremental or idle game. With this is meant games where progress/income gradually increases the further you move into the game. Below we will try and provide you with some of tips and tricks that hopefully will make you progress a bit faster. As always – if you have anything to add, please feel free to do so in our comments section in the bottom of this post.
Build Away! - Idle City Builder Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Build Away! – Idle City Builder Cheats, Tips & Tricks

1. Ice Cream Deliveries
This is the first – and possible most important – things that you need to keep enabled at all times. These provides you with double income to all your buildings for 2 hours in exchange for you watching a short ad (up to 30 seconds, but maybe even as short as 12-15 seconds). These can be extended to a total of 12 hours, which is great for over-night progress.
Other than that these also seem to provide the greatest chance of dropping Briefcases (see below), which also will further your progress at even greater speed.

2. Building Upgrades
As you may have noticed you have two different ways of upgrading your buildings: Power and Construction. These are both quite different.
Bascially you should invest in power to increase your production times.
Do note however, that a 1 increase in power doesn’t increase the production timer. This will increase when hitting certain milestones; 25, 60, 100, 200 etc. Each time you hit one of these milestones the building will produce 50% faster than before.
Power are also used to store up profit when you’re not swiping. This links Power and Construction together. For example if your construction level is 200 you will need a power level of 212 to automatically store your profit.

Different from power the Construction level increases your profit for every level. That means that a building with level 101 will have a higher profit than one with level 100 (given that the buildings are the same and at the same building level).
When hitting certain milestones of Construction level your profit from the building will be doubled. These are e.g.; 5, 50, 100, 200 etc.
Therefore it’s certainly worth it to upgrade your Construction level. Do however keep in mind that the Power level has to be a bit higher than the above milestones to give you the auto-profit (so you don’t have to swipe all the time)

3. Briefcases
The Free Briefcases offers you 3 random rewards. These can include:

– Coins (the amount seem to be based on what you’re currently holding)
– Hearts (more on these later)
– Blueprints for new buildings (or for upgrading current ones)
– Diamonds

The Briefcases can be bought in the Briefcases menu as well. Do note that prices for these increases for each time you buy one.
Briefcases seem to come from: Watching Ads, swiping building for profits and reaching certain building/level milestones.

Other than the free briefcases a Silver and Golden briefcase can be bought for diamonds as well, these include more and even better rewards than the free briefcases.

Do note that you can hold more than one briefcase if you wish to do so.

4. Hearts
Hearts provide you with a x% bonus that increases all your profit-gains. You can also use your hearts to upgrade your profit etc. Do make sure however that you don’t spend all your hearts right away when an upgrade unlocks as you will lose the hearts used to buy the upgrade. Therefore it may be an idea to wait spending your hearts until you have a healthy buffer.

Hearts are gained by switching buildings. The more profit a building has provided you the more hearts you will earn when switching it out with another building.

That’s it for our Build Away! – Idle City Builder Cheats, Tips & Tricks for now. Stay tuned for even more coming later. As written in the top – use our comment sections if you have more tips and tricks to share with everyone.