This Plus That – Pic Combo Answers Level 1-4

Solutions and help for This Plus That – Pic Combo by Conversion for Android, iPad, iPhone! Puzzles Level 1-4 are solved below. The game consists of two unrelated images that when combined equal a new word! Each of the two images represents one word each, all you have to do is put the words together and figure out which compound word is being hinted at!

This Plus That – Pic Combo Answers Level 1-4

Level 1: bed & watch Bedtime
cat & fish Carfish
cow & dog Bulldog
eye & cup Eyeglass
fire & arm Firearm
fish & bowl Fishbowl
fox & hole Foxhole
labyrinth & hog Hedgehog
pan & cake Pancak
watch & dog watchdog

Level 2: fence & bird Jailbird
key & stone Keystone
sea & food Seafood
hand & cuff Handcuff
rose & woods Rosewood
arm & chair Armchair
back & fire Backfire
keyboard & face Typeface
ear & drum Eardrum
bird & gold Crowbar

Level 3: cross & tabe Crossbow
cup & cake Cupcake
flag & ship Flagship
fog & horn Foghorn
coin & fish Goldfish
hay & wire Haywire
tree & yard Vineyard
star & fish Starfish
snow & ball Snowball
skull & cap Skullcap

Level 4: saw & horse Sawhorse
hair & buddha Redhead
pen & wheel Pinwheel
rail & road Railroad
pole & cat Polecat
pink & eye Pinkkeye
giraffe & tie Necktie
milk & man Milkman
heart & flu Lovesick
lock & shark Lockjaw
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